Dear Scandilabs Community,

Today, I would like to take a moment to share with you the inspiring story of how Scandilabs came to be, and the personal journey that led me to found this company.

When I was 20 I left Sweden for London and the next 7 years I traveled the world as I BA flight attendant. I lived on sugar, red bull, coffee and slimming pills that I bought in South Africa. At night I used ambien to get to sleep.

At 23 I got a severe case of mono that left me bedridden for months. Shortly after I was diagnosed with Hashimotos. I felt exhausted and sick. My face was puffy, I was always cold, I had panic attacks, terrible dizziness and I would catch any virus that was going around.
One day I woke up and decided this was not the way I wanted to go on with my life. I decided to take back charge of my health and my life. I had in depth blood tests that showed very high levels of mercury, arsenic and mold.

First step was to get rid of my amalgam fillings and do a heavy metal detox. I followed a heavy metal detox protocol and had Infrared sauna sessions daily. I started eating healthy fats and clean foods, taking out gluten, dairy, sugar and soy. I started taking the right supplements.

Every morning I would do Wim Hof breathing and gratitude practice. After 3 months I felt dramatically different and after a year all of my previous symptoms were gone. I went back to school and got a degree with IIN, engrossed myself in everything that had to do with immune health and longevity. I became a huge advocate and follower of the Biohacking community.

Today I am 46 years old and feel healthier and more vibrant than ever. I feel energetic, balanced and happy. I see every day as an opportunity to better myself and my health. I know how it feels to feel sick and unwell. I want to help everyone I can to transform their health and life so they can start living again.

This is my little story and how Scandilabs was born.

Scandilabs Strong Living.

At Scandilabs, we are dedicated to sharing our wealth of knowledge and expertise, empowering individuals to embrace natural approaches to health and wellness.

Through our innovative liposomal immune formula, we offer a simple yet highly effective way to strengthen your immune system and avoid falling prey to illness. Our proprietary method ensures that up to 90% of the vitamins we take are delivered to our bodies, in stark contrast to the mere 10-15% absorption rate typically achieved by regular vitamins on the market.

Scandilabs is more than just a business venture for me; it is a way of life. We take immense pride in reflecting the beauty and clean nature of my home country, Sweden. We firmly believe that effective natural treatments and methods exist to keep us healthy and in harmony with life itself.

Our mission is rooted in keeping our customers happy, healthy, and strong in a proactive manner. We invite you to join us on this transformative journey towards a stronger, happier, and healthier life. Together, let us embark on a path of strong living, bolstered by the power of nature and the knowledge that we hold within us.

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In Health and Strength Alexandra Cochrane Founder, Scandilabs