Where it all started...

When I created Scandilabs there was a clear vision of helping people regain their health and vibrancy!
I wanted people to know we can take back control of our own health and immune systems. The positive feedback from our customers has been absolutely overwhelming! Thank you everyone!  I am so happy what we created is having an impact on how you feel throughout the day!

The main story

This morning I was talking to a woman on the beach, who told me she finally dared to go out and meet people again, after having isolated for pretty much the past 2 years. She went to see a show down in Miami, and got back with COVID. She was very upset and scared to ever go out again. The woman was vaccinated and boosted. We live in a world where fear has taken over!  AND we all know the effects of fear on the immune system!!! What I conveyed to her was the importance of friends and family and being out and meeting new people. (Look up the Blue Zones and see how people live longer, healthier and happier due to social interactions and family bonds among other things)
Let's dig into how we can flourish and have strong immune systems that are naturally fighting for us! There are a couple of different pillars of health I would like to focus in on;

- Sleep
- Sunlight
- Foods
- Stress/Breathing technique
- Supplementation
- Grounding
- Community
- Gratitude
- Environmental toxins

Every week I want to uncover each one of these. This week I will share with you the importance of sleep and hacks that can help you get a good shut eye!
The importance of SLEEP for our health and immune system
Getting a good nights sleep seems to be the new luxury in today's busy world!
We have sleep trackers that measure our sleep amount and quality. The sleep market is worth over 400 billion US dollars!!! So why can we not sleep?
Blue light from screens in the evening has a big impact. What can we do to prevent it? Turn off the lights or switch to blue light blocking bulbs or use candles instead. The use of phones and computers after the sun sets really messes with your sleep and so does watching TV before bed. If you can't avoid this, please wear blue blocking glasses! They truly are amazing! I use a brand called TRUEDARK.
Don't eat after 6pm. It disrupts the quality of your sleep. So does drinking alcohol.
Stress is a big factor to why people can't fall asleep or wake up at night. Solution; Try breathing techniques or meditation before bed. I just got the new Nucalm app which works wonders for getting you into the Delta frequency and a deep sleep state (1-3Hz). Many of my Biohacking friends swear by the Braintap device as well.
If you wake up at night try the Box breathing technique which is exhaling to a count of four, holding your lungs empty for a four-count, inhaling at the same pace, and holding air in your lungs for a count of four before exhaling and doing it all over again until you drift off. The counting sheep was what my mother told me to do as a child and you can't deny this little old trusted hack!
Wishing you sweet dreams!